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Bridge Expert

Regional Partnership between Bavaria and Kerman

Regional Partners- Bayern relies on close cooperation with Iran’s largest province (Kerman)
Regional Partnership between Bavaria and Kerman

The joint initiative between Bayern International and the German-Iranian consulting firm, Bridge Expert, has come to fruition.  After preliminary talks amongst delegates in May, the managing director of Bayern International, Has-Jochim Heusler, and the regional partnership’s chief negotiator, Sara Adhami (Bridge Expert CEO), attend the signing of the MoU between University of Kerman and the TUM International.

University of Kerman was founded by Mr. Alireza Afzalipour and Ms. Fakhereh Saba in 1974.  Educational curriculum commenced in 1975, enrolling 90 students.  University of Kerman was renamed “Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (SBUK)” in honor of Dr. Mohammad Javad Bahonar who was assassinated after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.  The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology ranks SBUK as one of the top universities in Iran.  This ranking is the result of the University’s outstanding educational and research accomplishment in the last forty years. 

TUM International GmbH is wholly owned subsidiary of Technische Universität München (TUM). It acquires, coordinates and develops projects associated with the University in partnership with national and international affiliates across a wide range of domains-encompassing the scientific, political and industrial spectrum.

TUM International’s diverse portfolio includes some of the following: technology transfer field, international sit-development, scientific project management, talent management and strategic consulting-scientific consulting and international scientific site-development being the focal point of TUM.

On July 11, 2016, this MoU was signed reflecting TUM International’s objectives while echoing the collaboration between Bavaria and the province of Kerman.

Mr. Daniel A. Gottschald, managing director of TUM International, and Professor Maryam Ehteshamzadeh, Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology, signed the "Memorandum of Understanding". As a result, the cooperation between SBKU and German research institutions will be expanded creating new opportunities for international knowledge exchange.

This cooperation extends over diverse areas of discipline. Initial objectives include planning and implementation of joint research projects with industry partners from Iran and Germany; for example, establishment of joint research and application centers. Some of the joint initiative strategies are as follows: fostering entrepreneurship, business incubator formation, creation of start-up centers, academic/student exchange ventures and mentoring programs.

Furthermore, the Framework Agreement enables the exchange of scientific data and encourages the formation of joint symposiums and workshops. "Both institutions will benefit from this cooperation," says Sara Adhami, CEO of Bridge Expert and initiator of this MoU. "Therefore, it is important to create conditions that promote the joint development projects for the two international partners."

Publish Date: 25 Jan 2022
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